Working smarter

About us

We’re in business to help people run their businesses in a stress-free successful way. Everything we do is geared to finding simpler, more efficient and productive ways of doing things. We know that outdated awkward systems and processes can be hugely frustrating to work with. We take you on a journey that looks at your processes in a new way to get you working smarter.

Innovative thinking and cutting edge solutions

We help businesses manage their assets, their security and access. There’s no server room, cumbersome hardware or dated equipment. Instead, we use the cloud. And we think it’s a pretty good place to be.

It provides remote access and continuous visibility for us and you, and you get software upgrades and updates in real time. Things run more smoothly and with less stress than before. And that means everyone can get on with the job at hand.

If it was our business, what would we do?

We treat your business as if it was our own because our success is measured by your satisfaction. Relationships and trust are at the heart of Altivate. We really value face to face collaboration and if that means getting on a plane and coming to you, we’ll be there.

We ensure your whole team has a thorough understanding of the journey your business is on and we’re there to train, motivate and coach for as long as we’re in partnership.

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The Team

We bring expertise and energy to all of our projects. We think this makes working with us an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Our nimble and flexible approach means we can adapt to suit our customers’ needs and budgets. Above all, we’re passionate about making the complicated simple.

Simon Stone

Director / Project Manager

Simon brings 25 years of experience in capability and reliability working across process, manufacturing, food, beverage, oil, gas and facilities industries. A specialist in CMMS implementation, Simon has worked with some of the big brands within New Zealand including Fonterra, Coca-Cola, Lion Breweries, Vector Energy and Z Energy. He has a flare for getting to the heart of the issue at hand and engaging people to come on the asset improvement journey.

What makes Simon 'tick'?

Enjoys a good Cappuccino (extra chocolate) / Loves fishing, tramping, mountain biking (just not all at once) / “The bigger the effort and risk, the bigger the reward!” / Not a fan of “No”. There’s always a way, you just have to think differently/ Big dream to scuba dive a tropical reef with his youngest son who loves adventure!!

Jane Stone

Director / Project Manager

An accredited International Coach (ICC), coupled with a business degree and management experience, Jane can work with individuals and teams at all levels to identify opportunities for improvement. She has extensive asset management experience, as a business owner and end user, which has been invaluable in supporting Altivate’s asset management and CMMS projects. Super organised and energetic, Jane will challenge the way you look at things and is not afraid to ask the hard questions.

What makes Jane 'tick'?

Drinks a Long black / Loves all sports and time outdoors / “There’s no bad weather, only bad clothing!" / Not a fan of all talk no action / Big dream to walk the Inca trail!

Together, we can get your business working smarter