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Essential upgrade delivers

Smooth implementation of MEX maintenance software proves to be a breath of fresh air for NZOSL. 

New Zealand Oil Services (NZOSL) manage fuel across the country with a simple purpose of storing and transferring energy in a safe and efficient manner. Their existing CMMS had reached the end of its life and needed to be upgraded or replaced. MEX was selected as the alternative to their previous system. NZOSL had heard positive feedback about MEX from within the industry with Wiri Oil Services (WSOL) and Z Energy using the same platform. As Altivate had partnered with both WOSL and Z for their transitions to MEX, it was a no brainer that NZOSL chose to work with them too.

Maintenance Supervisor David explains their thinking in choosing Altivate; “We were fortunate that Simon had completed a recent upgrade from the same CMMS and the format, assets and maintenance tasks were the same as ours. Experience working at WOSL also gave a valuable insight to how our terminals operate.” Experience and expertise tick a couple of important boxes, but the reasons to choose Altivate went further. “Simon’s interaction with both management and operators was professional and appropriate based on the audience.”

So how has David found the change to MEX? “It has really been a breath of fresh air. Costs are fair, support is good from both Altivate and MEX. The platform is stable and user-friendly, especially where some of our users may not have strong IT skills.” MEX itself has some strong benefits for NZOSL. “The fact that annual fees cover upgrades is a huge advantage over our old CMMS and in fact, other systems being implemented in other parts of our organisation.”

The team at NZOSL were very happy with Altivate’s approach overall. “They delivered a great product on budget and on time.” And MEX was just what they needed for their operation. “It was a seamless and smooth implementation of a new system that has future functionality for other orphan legacy systems currently in use.” David indicates that their partnership with Altivate may not stop with MEX. “It has opened the door to other products used and supplied by Altivate.”


“Costs are fair, support is good and the platform is stable and user-friendly.”

David / Maintenance Supervisor / New Zealand Oil Services

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