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An expert, professional and intuitive process

A CCTV system overhaul for Wiri Oil Services to the cloud Eagle Eye Networks platform provides a safe working environment for all.  

Wiri Oil Services operates the largest fuel supply Terminal in New Zealand based in Wiri - Auckland and a second remotely operated Terminal in Marsden Point. They were looking to improve surveillance across multiple sites to better monitor and manage activities, and enhance safety for all employees, as the existing analogue system was no longer serviceable or supported. Project Engineer Jason explains why the company chose to partner with Altivate. “Altivate had the expertise in our existing infrastructure and the ability to integrate new technology and capabilities into it without creating any system compatibility issues.”

Altivate took Jason and his team on a journey to establish an upgraded CCTV system across multiple sites with new cameras, servers, monitors and a much more intuitive interface. Jason found the process to be thorough and very professional, and the communication excellent. “Altivate provided industry comparison during the selection process and were able to facilitate training to all applicable team members as well as deliver a thorough training manual for future reference.”

The upgrade is helping Wiri Oil Services to more comprehensively monitor and manage activities in various sensitive areas, across multiple sites.  The Eagle Eye Networks cloud platform has been especially beneficial during Covid 19 lockdown's, with both live and historical footage, and camera movement control (PTZ) easily available from any device and from anywhere!

It has been crucial in ensuring a safe working environment for all staff. Jason found the team at Altivate extremely easy to work with. “They were able to understand our concerns and provide a robust solution to our desires, without requiring a lot of back and forth conversations.” Altivate’s intuitive way of working resulted in a very happy customer in Wiri Oil Services. As Jason puts it, “The undertaking of the work was all handled by Altivate with scheduling and notification of timelines clearly communicated. The process was in short, professional, pleasing and easy to navigate.”

“The process was professional, pleasing and easy to navigate”

Jason / Project Engineer / Wiri Oil Services

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